Courageous in Life, Courageous in Business

  • The Courageous Living® Program

    Tired of overwhelm and stress calling the shots in your life? Tired of feeling like there's never enough time? When you feel you're meant for something deeper, and you want to make life changes that go beyond short-term "quick fixes," the work of the Courageous Living® Program calls to you. Examine what you (really, truly) want, and how to create that life--for real--using courageous daily practices that build your emotional resilience.

  • The Coaching Blueprint®

    A digital marketing program for life coaches, The Coaching Blueprint® helps you figure out who your ideal clients are, and how to market yourself to those clients from a values-driven place. You didn't become a life coach, to feel inauthentic and slickster--and you definitely want to spend less time on the admin, more time on the coaching. The Coaching Blueprint® can help you find your way to building your unique business blueprint.

Meet Kate Swoboda

Hey there! I'm Kate Swoboda, sometimes known as "Kate Courageous." I'm creator of and The Courageous Living® Program, author of the book The Courage Habit, and creator of The Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program.

The tools that I share in both of my programs are the backbone of how I live my life, and run a business, from a place of courage. The Courageous Living Program® tools have helped me to shift my mindset, navigate life's rougher seasons, and relentlessly connect to my joy. It's for anyone who's tired of feeling like overwhelm and stress are calling the shots in their lives.

The Coaching Blueprint® is for new and emerging life coaches who want an authentic and values-driven way to grow their businesses. I wrote it wanting to shorten the learning curve for other coaches--I want you to make more money, in less time than it ever took me to get up and going as a coach!

It's great to "meet" you, even virtually, and I am excited for all that you'll get to experience with either of these powerful programs.

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