Tired of the stress and overwhelm?

At a certain point, we all hit those times in our lives: we've been pursuing all the things that "should" make us happy, and then we look around and realize that somehow, something's still...off.

We've got lots to be grateful for--and yet, we don't feel in control of our time or our lives. We wonder what happened to the parts of ourselves that used to have big dreams. When did we stop having any fun? Or, we've spent time chasing a big dream, and somehow arriving there didn't feel as good as we'd thought it would.

That's where the Courageous Living Program® comes in.

It's time to slowwww down, deconstruct what it is that you actually want and take a look at what's getting in the way, and start feeling excited about life, again.

It's also time to finally--truly--put practices in place that dismantle the power that fear can have over you. When you practice fear-based patterns, they become fear-based habits. When you interrupt those patterns and start practicing courage-based habits, your life becomes more courageous, more vitally alive.

courageous living program

With the Courageous Living® Program, you will:

  • Get clear on the patterns

    For some reason, you’ve habitually held yourself back from living bigger. Get clear on the patterns and find out why. Again, it’s science. Your behavior patterns are habits that have wired in the brain. You need to see them clearly, to unhook them.

  • Create a bold new vision

    It’s time to remember your Most Courageous Self. You’ve met her, before. She says, Why not? She’s righteous about justice at the same time that she calls forth her laughter. She’s energized by people who tell the truth, she delights in the senses, and she’s a helluva lot of fun to be around–so she’d really love to come out, more often.

  • Learn how to make courage a *habit*

    The life you want is waiting. Anyone can build new behavioral habits that have them feeling less stressed and more resourced and capable. The key is understanding how habits work in the brain, so that you can interrupt the old loop and create something new.

How does it work?

The Courageous Living® Program includes six powerful modules that break down each part of the process. 

Modeled after what it's like to work with Kate as a one-on-one coaching client, you'll begin by getting clear on what it is that you want and setting initial goals for change. The entire program is self-paced and each time you check in with a new Lesson, you'll be able to see where you left off.

You'll learn about the science of habit-formation and behavior change, and you'll start cultivating new ways of handling old problems. Right about the time you start making bolder moves and your fear starts to get louder? That's when you're introduced to tools for actively working with your fear as it arises. 

With the Courageous Living® Program, you'll make long-lasting shifts as you stop getting stuck in the old fear-based habits, and start creating new, courage-based habits that have you feeling more confident in your life.

People say...

“You will have access to powerful and amazing tools right from the start. I can personally speak to the power of the program, DOing the work, and Kate’s way of illuminating the path.” — D. S.

“My favourite lesson is that I can choose joy in each and every moment. If I’m having a “bad” day I look at myself and then ask myself how can I choose joy right now. I seek joy out and I feel so much better for it.” — H.T.

“I like the style with which the course is written [… it] put the power in my hands and got me to consider things differently.” — E. S.

“I enjoy ‘spending time’ with ‘virtual’ Kate. It’s like having an old friend you don’t see all that often, but the long standing support is in place.” — K.C.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 : Visioning

    • Exercises For Visioning

    • Get Excited about your vision

    • The Truth is Where We Begin

    • The Obit Exercise

    • The Shift Plan

    • Creating a Specific Primary Focus

    • Module 1 Review

  • 2

    Module 2: Goals + Action

    • Module 2: Goals + Action

    • Setting Goals and Your Most Courageous Self

    • Identifying Action Steps

    • How to Commit

    • Tracking Your Habits

    • Module 2 Review

  • 3

    Module 3: Working with Fear

    • Module 3: Working with Fear

    • The Fear Problem

    • Identifying Fear Patterns

    • Accessing the Body

    • What Is This Teaching You?

    • Inner Critic – What It Is

    • Inner Critic – Re-Do, Please

    • Creating Community

    • Module 3 Review

  • 4

    Module 4: Shifting Old Ways of Being

    • Module 4 : Shifting Old Ways of Being

    • Be Your Journey

    • Power of Words

    • Clarifying Your Stories

    • Everything is a Story

    • Identifying Specific Stories

    • Stories About…

    • The “Not Enough” Story

    • Stories About Who You Will “Have To” Be

    • Integrity

    • Letting Go Of The Past

    • You Are Always In Choice

    • Module 4 Review

  • 5

    Module 5: Working With Emotions

    • Module 5 : Working with Emotions

    • Working with Joy

    • Laugh Sessions

    • Cutting Ourselves Off From Joy

    • Working with Emotions: Anger

    • Anger Tools

    • Working with Emotions: Sadness

    • Sadness Tools

    • Gentleness Check

    • Working with Anxiety

    • Module 5 Review

  • 6

    Module 6: Declaring Completion

    • Module 6: Declaring Completion

  • 7

    Courageous Living Program interviews

    • Interview: Brene Brown

    • Interview: Andrea Owen

    • Interview: Andrea Johnson

    • Interview: Danielle LaPorte

    • Interview: SARK

    • Interview: L’Erin Alta

    • Interview: Christine Mason Miller

    • Interview: Andrea Scher

    • Interview: Kate Northrup

    • Interview: Jen Louden

    • Interview: Paul Jarvis

    • Interview: Marianne Elliott

    • Interview: Marc Allen

    • Interview: Co-Founders of Cafe Gratitude

    • Interview: Rich & Yvonne of Challenge Day

    • Interview: Kelly Rae Roberts

    • Interview: Cheri Huber

What's your flavor of courage?

In addition to the worksheets, audios, and exercises included in the Courageous Living® Program, you'll also get access to bonus interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, and others who are committed to living their lives from a place of courage.
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Meet Kate Swoboda

I'm Kate Swoboda, sometimes known as "Kate Courageous." I'm the creator of YourCourageousLife.com and The Courageous Living® Program, author of the book The Courage Habit, and host of the Your Courageous Life podcast.

I've been a life coach since 2006, and at this point I've worked with hundreds of people who have wanted to change their lives--if only fear would stop getting in the way.

My approach isn't about becoming "fearless" or trying to "get rid of" fear. Instead, I'd like to ask you to drop down into your center and get really real about what you *truly* want. That's the kind of exploration that you'll use to guide yourself through the Courageous Living® Program and tap into what call your "most courageous self."

Every tool in the Courageous Living® Program is one that I personally use in my daily life, as well as work on with clients in my one-on-one coaching practice. I've seen people step into living lives that feel 100% fully alive, no longer letting stress and overwhelm call the shots. This is about taking control of your life, on your terms, but without the rah-rah "Get it together" style of "tough love." (I figure that if the "love" has to be "tough," then it's probably not love).

Get prepared to amaze yourself as you go on this journey. I look forward to hearing how your process unfolds!

kate swoboda courage habit