I get it: you're tired of trying to figure out marketing

When you start out as a life coach, you're excited about...coaching! Then comes...marketing (womp, womp). As you start trying to figure out how to pair your passion for coaching with the necessity of, like, paying your bills, things get complicated.

That's where The Coaching Blueprint® digital marketing program comes in.

Most marketing approaches feel slickster, inauthentic, and overwhelming. There are ideal client avatars and funnels and if-then decision trees and-and-and...it all feels crazy expensive and overwhelming. Most difficult is the feeling of "I don't know what I'm doing" that nags at you while you either try to juggle your salaried job while building your business, or watch your savings account get smaller.

Let's change that.

With the Coaching Blueprint® program, you'll learn:

  • Who your clients are

    Using values-driven marketing that includes empathy and authenticity, you'll start clarifying the problems your clients are struggling with and the solutions coaching can provide.

  • How to talk about what you do

    Whether you're writing sales pages on your website, creating content for social media, or talking to a prospective client, you'll learn how to talk about your unique message in ways that feel resonant and real, rather than pushy and awkward.

  • Streamline Your Business Systems

    You didn't become a coach so that you could spend all week creating content or dealing with the admin aspects of running a business. Learn how to streamline your systems and spend less time on admin, more time on what you love.

  • Shift your mindset

    Part of being a coach and working for yourself means dealing with the fear (!) that comes with the territory. Whether it's charging more or utilizing better client boundaries, you'll learn some of the essential mindsets that lead to coaching success.

Here's what they said about The Coaching Blueprint® ...

If Kate’s Coaching Blueprint® had existed sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time and fretting about this stuff… my sales page got an immediate make-over upon reading the Blueprint. Thanks, Kate!” –Laura Simms

“Reading and working my way through Kate's The Coaching Blueprint®–So much I can put into practice right NOW! If you are an acupuncturist or herbalist, this is for you, too!” –Emily Perry

“I was *just* getting started when Kate and The Coaching Blueprint® came into my world- I had a few clients, but was still figuring out my offerings, my voice, my style. I felt totally overwhelmed and alone, like I was the only one who had EVER struggled with this stuff, right?…Kate lays out the foundation for building not just a successful coaching practice, but defining “success” in my own terms…That set me up for a happier, more lucrative (!) practice in the long term, anyway! And she does it all in accessible, manageable terms and timeframes- as someone who tends towards overwhelm, this has been incredibly important!” –Heather Day

I’m not exaggerating when I say ALL OF IT is useful. Incredibly so. The Coaching Blueprint® is one of the best investments in my biz to date. The video interviews are great because you gain a broader view of coaching from a variety of perspectives, the content is useful in ways you can immediately apply to your coaching practice, and the online biz savvy is invaluable.” –Toni McLellan

“I love that Kate takes into consideration those of us who work full time and are starting a part-time coaching business. Incredibly useful takeaways is how to schedule your blogs, manage clients and develop products. Thank you Kate for this valuable product!” –Zivana Anderson

I sincerely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it…I seriously felt like you wrote it for where I am with my business.” –Valerie Tookes

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Your Clients

    • Support Info + Overview of Program

    • Introduction

    • Reframing Marketing: Creating Resonance

    • Laying the Foundation

    • The Problems People Face

    • The Solutions Coaching Can provide

    • Problem/Solution With Clients

    • How will we use Problem/Solution?

    • Demographics and Psychographics

    • Module One: Wrap Up

  • 2

    Module 2: Your Website

    • Introduction

    • The Essential Pages

    • Thoughts on “About” Pages

    • Your Services Page

    • Study Sales Pages that Work

    • Your Newsletter/ Opt-In Page

    • Why Do You Charge That?

    • Consider Price Points

    • Packages

    • Slamming the Gas Pedal or the Brake?

    • Money Work

    • Principles of Design That Boost Your Website

    • How to Save on Website Design

    • Module Two: Wrap Up

  • 3

    Module 3 : Your Content

    • Introduction

    • How I Market My Own Practice

    • Approaches for Creating Content

    • Four-Hour Marketing

    • Blog Tweaks that Improve Website Conversions

    • Do You Have to Have a VA?

    • Module Three: Wrap Up

  • 4

    Module 4: Promotion

    • Introduction: Promotion, Module 4

    • Tracking Your Stats

    • Success Secret: Consistency and Showing Up

    • The Essential Biz Building Checklist

    • Social Media is Awesome (Here's Why)

    • How to Find Clients

    • Forty Tips for Doubling or Tripling Your Traffic

    • "Is it working?" How to measure progress

    • Things I Don’t Spend Marketing Money On

    • What I Am Inclined to Spend Marketing Money On

    • Promoting to People Who Aren't Ready (Yet) To Buy

    • Specific Tips for Specific Social Media

    • Keeping Content Fresh

    • Newsletters and Promotion

    • Joint Ventures that Work

    • Interviews That Get Results

    • Podcast and Video

    • Going Beyond One-On-One Coaching

    • Expanding Your Practice

    • Creating a Sustainable Business Lifestyle

    • How to Juggle Your 9-5

    • Tips for Saving Time

    • Creating Passive Income

    • Creating Offerings, Step by Step

    • On Launching

    • Cross-Pollinate to Expand Your Audience

    • Speaking Gigs

    • Workflows for Onboarding New Clients

    • Module Four: Wrap Up

  • 5

    Module 5: Mindset

    • Introduction: Module 5

    • Committing to Your Success

    • Not Letting Triggers Get to You

    • The Mindset of Excellence

    • Managing Burnout

    • Collecting Feedback/Support Innovation

    • Taking a Digital Sabbatical

    • Reframing The Hard Days

    • Module Five: Wrap Up

    • More Resources

  • 6

    Module 6: Interviews

    • Tara Mohr

    • Claire Pelletreau

    • Layla Saad

    • Tiffany Han

    • Leonie Dawson

    • Danielle LaPorte

    • Molly Mahar

    • Fabeku Fatunmise

    • Rachel Cole

    • Jennifer Lee

    • Pam Slim

    • Tara McMullin (Tara Gentile)

    • Kira Sabin

    • Michael Bungay Stanier

    • Michelle Ward

    • Laura Simms

    • Andrea Owen

    • Dyana Valentine

    • Sarah Morgan

    • Julie Daley

    • Tanya Geisler

Ever wanted to "pick the brain" of a 6-figure coach or consultant, and know what they know?

Ever wished that you could just talk to someone who's been there--someone who's actually made six figures, or landed the book deal, or had the TED talk, or cracked the code when it comes to Facebook ads?

The Coaching Blueprint® includes interviews with coaches and consultants who have done all of those things--and they're sharing how they did it and what they learned, along the way.

Meet Kate Swoboda

I'm Kate Swoboda, sometimes known as "Kate Courageous." I've been a life coach since 2006, as creator of YourCourageousLife.com. I'm also the author of The Courage Habit (available at your local bookstore) and Director of the ICF-accredited Courageous Living Coach Certification.

In other words? I am a life coach, have been a life coach long enough to see lots of industry trends come and go, and have helped hundreds of coaches get their practices up and running.

I've seen what works and what doesn't; what leads to burnout and what is sane and sustainable. I've seen it because I've done it--my initial years of getting my business going were full of false starts and frustrations. When I finally began to see momentum in my business, other coaches began asking me "how" I was doing it. That's when I created The Coaching Blueprint®, which has been around since 2010 (very few digital programs have that kind of longevity!)

It's my sincerest hope that as you use The Coaching Blueprint® you start making more money, in less time than it ever took me. Let's shorten that learning curve (and some of the frustrations!) and get you on a path to feeling fulfilled as you do the work that you love. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Feeling more aligned in your business can start--today

You don't have to wait until you're burned out and losing money--and if that's where you've already landed, it's time to change course.

You can start getting a clearer picture of what you're actually doing in your business, starting today, with the Coaching Blueprint® program.